The Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District permanently protects the diverse agricultural, natural resource, and scenic open space lands of Sonoma County for future generations.

Ag + Open Space goals include:

  • Maintain the county’s rich rural character and the unique qualities of each city and areas throughout the county that help provide our sense of community.
  • Support the economic vitality of working farms to preserve the agricultural heritage and diversity of the county.
  • Protect the ridgetops, coastal bluffs, hillsides, and waterways that create the county’s striking natural beauty.
  • Provide connections between urban areas, parks, and natural areas throughout the county for both people and wildlife.
  • Preserve diverse natural areas that provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Protect the waterways and natural lands that maintain water quality and supply.
  • Partner with local agencies and organizations to leverage funding for land protection, foster stewardship, and provide opportunities for recreational and educational experiences.