The Ag + Open Space Advisory Committee is comprised of 19 members representing specific designations: two appointed by each County Supervisor, three representing the Mayors’ and Councilmembers’ Association, two youth members, and one each representing agriculture, the environment, real estate or property appraisal, and business. While solely advisory, the Committee offers opinions and makes recommendations at the request of the Ag + Open Space Board of Directors or its General Manager. The Committee also reviews and advises on real property transactions, provides broad-based citizen input on Ag + Open Space operations, and acts as ambassadors for Ag + Open Space.

Current Advisory Committee members:

Jan McFarland, Fairhaven Institute | First District
Kristina Tierney | First District
Paul Martin, Martin Family Ranch | Second District
Taj Hittenberger, Sonoma Land Trust | Second District
Michelle Whitman | Third District
Jennielynn Holmes, Catholic Charities | Third District
Bill Smith, Codding Enterprises Legal Counsel (Retired) | Fourth District
Doug Lipton, Healdsburg SHED | Fourth District
John Nagle | Fifth District
Evan Wiig, Farmers Guild/Community Alliance with Family Farmers | Fifth District
Vacant | Mayors and Councilmembers
John Dell’Osso (Chair), Cotati City Council | Mayors and Councilmembers
Neysa Hinton, Sebastopol City Council | Mayors and Councilmembers
Tawny Tesconi, Sonoma County Farm Bureau | Agriculture
Curt Nichols (Chair Pro Tem), Carlile Macy | Business
Don McEnhill (Vice Chair), Russian Riverkeeper | Environment
Cary Fargo, Vanguard Properties | Real Estate
Austin Maners | Youth
Vacant | Youth

Advisory Committee meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Ag + Open Space office. The public is encouraged to attend these meetings to address the Committee on matters of public interest.

Agendas & Approved Minutes