Wright Hill Ranch Preserve Management Plan

Protecting a Sonoma County Coastline Treasure

In 2007, Ag + Open Space purchased a 1,236-acre ranch just south of the town of Jenner and the mouth of the Russian River to form the Wright Hill Ranch Preserve. Today, the preserve is managed to protect the diverse habitats, ecosystems and cultural resources there, and to ultimately to provide low-intensity public outdoor recreation.

Prior to the district’s purchase, the ranch was the largest privately-owned coastal landholding between the Russian River and Bodega Bay. Adjacent to thousands of acres of Sonoma Coast State Park land, the property is a key link in a chain of protected lands that stretches from Bodega Bay to the Jenner Headlands. In addition to providing a critical connection for both people and wildlife, Wright Hill Ranch Preserve, with its sweeping views of surrounding watersheds and the sea, has the potential to be a prime destination for coastal visitors and contributes significantly to Sonoma County’s scenic beauty.

The California State Coastal Conservancy awarded a $750,000 grant to help complete the purchase of this spectacular property. Previously inhabited by the Kashaya Pomo and today an active cattle ranch, Wright Hill Ranch Preserve remains a tangible link to the region’s rich history.

In 2017, Ag + Open Space completed the Wright Hill Ranch Preserve Management Plan — Natural and Cultural Resources. We encourage you to review this document to learn more about the diverse natural resources and the historical context of the management recommendations.

The objectives of this Management Plan are to:

  • Protect native biodiversity and natural resources and ecological functions
  • Preserve cultural and historical resources
  • Conserve and enhance the coastal agricultural heritage of Sonoma County
  • Provide public recreational and educational opportunities

The Ag + Open Space Board of Directors approved this management plan in January 2017. With the approval of the management plan, the District’s Board directed staff to pursue a transfer of this property to Sonoma County Regional Parks.