Projects + Plans

  • Saddle Mountain OSP Management Plan

    Preserving land for the future Before becoming the Saddle Mountain Open Space Preserve, this 960-acre property northeast of Santa Rosa had long been considered for subdivision and development. In response to strong public support for protecting the property as open …

  • Calabazas Creek at the Calabazas Preserve

    Calabazas Creek OSP Resource Management Plan

    In 2004, the District purchased a 1,285-acre ranch just north of Glen Ellen in order to establish the Calabazas Creek Open Space Preserve.

  • Wright Hill Ranch Preserve Management Plan

    In 2007, the District purchased a 1,236-acre ranch just south of the town of Jenner and the mouth of the Russian River to form the Poff Ranch Preserve.

  • Montini Open Space Preserve Management Plan

    Protecting open space in Sonoma Valley The Montini Open Space Preserve is a 98-acre preserve that sits along the northern edge of the city of Sonoma, and is a recreational resource for all who visit. Ag + Open Space protected …