U-Pick Blueberry Days at Duckworth Family Farm

U-Pick Blueberry Days at Duckworth Family Farm

July 24, 2019

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U-Pick Blueberry Days at Duckworth Family Farm

Duckworth Family Farms, otherwise known as our Nahmens conservation easement, is an 80-acre organic blueberry farm outside of Sebastopol. The easement was originally acquired in 1999, and Duckworth Family Farms bought the property in the early 2000’s. While the property is the perfect location for growing blueberries, the farm also has chickens, sheep, cows, and horses.

The farm serves as a WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunity on Organic Farms) site, hosting students that want to learn about organic farming. Students also learn how to use the wool from the farm’s sheep for drop-spindle, spinning wheel, and weaving. The farm also grows indigo, which is a popular at-home dying ingredient.

Aside from the blueberry operation, the property is home to Blucher Creek and the easement helps to protect the riparian corridor associated with the creek, as well as a population of endangered Sebastopol meadowfoam.

Recently the Duckworths have enjoyed the booming popularity of their U-Pick days. The blueberry season is only seven weeks long, and this weekend is the last U-Pick event. It will run Friday-Sunday, from 7am to 2pm each day, and there’s even fresh blueberry ice cream for sale to enjoy after your day of picking. Our staff have been regular visitors, and can attest that the galettes and crumbles made with Duckworth blueberries are delicious and very popular with friends and family.

This farm is a perfect example of the shared benefits of a conservation easement. In fact, on a recent visit, Lorri Duckworth underscored the importance of the easement and the partnership with our agency. The U-Pick Days are her way of connecting Sonoma County residents to the land their support and tax dollars helped to protect. The citizens protected this land, she said, and now they are able to reap the benefits – everybody wins!

More details can be found on the Duckworth Family Farms Facebook page.