Tracking real-time rain data on Ag + Open Space lands

April 9, 2018

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Tracking real-time rain data on Ag + Open Space lands

Given the increased risk of flash floods and debris flows resulting from last October’s wildfires, our partners at Sonoma County Water Agency sought the help of OneRain to implement an early flood warning system by more accurately tracking rainfall. Of the 22 rain and stream gages installed throughout the county, three are on properties protected by Ag + Open Space – McCullough, McCrea Trail Parcel, and Santa Angelina. The real-time rain data gathered from these gages will help officials forecast flooding in at-risk areas, as well as track long-term rainfall patterns in Sonoma County.

You can read more at the project here. The website also includes a user-friendly dashboard and map that provides real-time rainfall data at the 22 sites.

Here are a couple of photos:

A man installs a 10-12 foot rainfall gauge on a burned hillside with charred trees.

McCrea Trail Parcel
An aerial view of the rain gauge on the McCrea property atop Sonoma Mountain with a red circle around the gauge.

Vertical shot of tall metal rain gauge on grassy hillside with oaks in the background and mountains in the distance.

Tall metal rain gauge with metal ladder leaning against it on grassy hillside with oaks and mountains in background.