Land for

A Sonoma County farm
Boxes of blueberries

Land for Food

The land we protect produces milk and cheese, grass-fed meats, seasonal vegetables and fruits, pasture-raised eggs, orchard crops like apples and pears, honey, and wine. 87% of these protected lands permit grazing, livestock production, cultivation, crop sales, beekeeping, and the raising of fish and poultry. In addition, 36,500 acres of grazing land, irrigated pasture, and hayfields are protected forever ensuring a strong local food source.

A rancher and his children looking at his cattle

Land for Farmers + Ranchers

Conserving our working lands plays an essential role in maintaining viable and productive agriculture, especially as land prices rise and development pressure grows.

Conservation easements can:

  • Give farmers the economic boost they need to keep or enhance their agricultural operation.
  • Lower the cost of the land, making more land available to a broader section of the community. Read more about the Buy-Protect-Sell Pilot Program >>
  • Provide funds to enable intergenerational succession, keeping family farms and ranches in business.

Nearly all of the farms and ranches we’ve protected with easements are still family farms and ranches today; 98% of the working farms and ranches we’ve protected are still used for agriculture.

In 2020, the Sonoma County agricultural industry provided over 7,200 local jobs -- 158% above the national average.

Sonoma County cheese

Land for Jobs

Farms, ranches, dairies, and other agricultural operations provide jobs and revenue to the local economy, and supply our community with locally produced food, fiber, and other crops. In 2018, the total value of crops produced in Sonoma County exceeded $1 billion, a 24% increase over the previous year. By preserving a critical mass of farms and ranches we are not only supporting farmers and ranchers we are also supporting important agricultural service businesses like veterinarians, feed stores, creameries, and processing facilities.
A pasture at sunset

Land for Beauty + Resilience

By protecting farms, ranches, and dairies we are preserving our scenic rural landscapes and creating a climate resilient agricultural community. Many of Sonoma County’s farms, ranches and dairies are on open land with acres of grassland. These grasslands play a crucial role in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and ensure humans and wildlife will be able to adapt to changes in the climate.

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