Parks, open space preserves, and greenbelts throughout Sonoma County offer our communities the ability to enjoy open space just minutes from their homes, and can transform communities by providing places to learn, rest, play, and grow. 

As noted in our Healthy Lands, Healthy Economies, a significant body of research shows the links between physical activity and health — time in nature helps people experiencing a wide range of illnesses, including depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, and several types of cancer. Spending time  in nature is especially important for youth — children who regularly spend time outdoors are more successful at school, and tend to be healthier mentally and physically.

We have purchased, forever-protected, and transferred over 20,000 acres of land to create new parks and preserves, or to add to existing city, regional and state parks throughout the county. We have also actively partnered with cities, other public agencies, and non-profits through our Matching Grant Program to enhance open space in and around Sonoma County cities and towns.

The list below includes all the parks, preserves, and public spaces we’ve helped to create with your tax dollars. Find the open space near you and plan your visit today!

Santa Rosa

North County

Russian River + West County

Sonoma Coast

Sonoma Valley

South County