Natural Resource Conservation Service >>
Financial assistance, planning, and technical expertise for land improvements

UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources >>
Research, best practices, grant opportunities

UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Sonoma County >>
Includes resources and programs about: Integrated pest management, livestock & range management, specialty crops and olives, sudden oak death, viticulture, watershed management

UCCE Match.Graze >>
Match.Graze is a free online platform that connects livestock producers and landowners throughout the State of California

SRJC Agriculture & Natural Resources Department >>
Offers classes on a range of topics including sustainable agriculture, agribusiness, animal science, and wildfire resilience.

UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program >>
Resources and grant opportunities for farmers and ranchers working to develop more sustainable agricultural practices and regional food systems

Sonoma and Gold Ridge Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs)
Non-regulatory, confidential, free assistance on soil health, water resources, and habitat enhancement. They also offer support for submitting applications to federal and state programs

LandSmart Plans >>
Supported by the RCDs, landowners can develop LandSmart plans that help you organize and prioritize land management practices that protect natural resources and align with landowner needs, goals, and timelines

Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) >>
Resources and programs focused on building  sustainable food and farming systems

California FarmLink >>
Lending, education, and access to land. You can also use their website to register as a land-seeker or a land-provider

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education >>
Farmer-driven, grassroots grants and education programs, as well as online resources, to support sustainable agricultural practices. They also over a guide that can help identify what federal programs can be of assistance to you here >>

Point Blue: Resources for Farmers and Ranchers >>
Resources about Farm and ranch management tools including a Resource Portal for prescribed grazing & soil health

Fish Friendly Farming >>
Certification program for agricultural properties managed to restore fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality

USDA National Agroforestry Center >>
Agroforestry-related tools and information

Weed Research & Information Center >>
Practical information on weed management for a variety of weeds

County of Sonoma Erosion Control Resources >>
Resources about erosion control

California Rangeland Conservation Coalition Grazing for Change >>
Shares how ranchers are promoting endangered species, investing in public lands, and conducting research to be better land managers

Society for Range Management >>
Network of range managers and researchers which focused on stewardship of rangelands

Sotoyome Resource Conservation District Grazing Handbook >>
Handbook about livestock grazing

Environmental Protection Agency  – Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing >>
Information about environmental issues connected to livestock grazing in pastures and rangelands