Roseland Village Public Space

Providing community gathering space in Roseland

The Roseland Village Public Space is a District Matching Grant Project with the County’s Community Development Commission. The District is providing $500,000 in funding toward the development a public gathering space in the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center. The seven-acre site along Sebastopol Road is owned by the Commission who plans to redevelop the site as a neighborhood center including an approximately one-acre dedicated public space. Once completed, this project will provide a permanent space for community events and will facilitate access to the Joe Rodota Trail.

The Sebastopol Road Urban Vision Plan, adopted in 2007 following extensive public outreach, gave initial direction for the development of the Roseland Village Center site, and included a public gathering place as a central feature. At the time the Plan was completed, the site was privately owned. Since then, the Community Development Commission purchased the site and has taken the lead with the redevelopment planning and outreach efforts. With the Commission’s matching funds, funds allocated by the County’s Board of Supervisors, and the District’s Matching Grant, this vision will soon become a reality.

The Commission is currently working to refine the community’s input for the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center through a series of public meetings in 2015. For more information, or to sign up to receive updates, visit the Commission’s website.

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