Education & Outreach

Outdoor Classrooms

Ag + Open Space partners with local organizations through innovative programs that get young people outside to explore nature, science, agriculture, and environmental stewardship in their communities.

FARMS Leadership

Coordinated by the Sonoma Resource Conservation District in partnership with Ag + Open Space, FARMS Leadership field days introduce high school students to the depth and breadth Sonoma County’s agricultural lands with a focus on the region’s agricultural heritage.

Click here to see photos and learn more about the FARMS Leadership Program in Sonoma County and beyond.

Learning Laguna

Learning Laguna, the Laguna Foundation’s wetland science education program, provides 2nd through 4th grade students with fun, hands-on classroom activities and experiential field trips to the Laguna de Santa Rosa on either the Sebastopol Wetlands Preserve or the City of Santa Rosa’s Stone Farm. Both properties, protected by Ag + Open Space easements, are adjacent to the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Contact our partners at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation to learn more about this program.

In Our Own BackYard (IOOBY)

Led by LandPaths’ educators and scientists, In Our Own BackYard (IOOBY) provides opportunities for students and teachers in Sonoma County to “adopt” selected Ag + Open Space-protected properties. IOOBY includes four educational outings led by LandPaths’ knowledgeable field instructors.

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Teaching Environmental and Agricultural Memories (TEAM)

Led by Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District and Sonoma Resource Conservation District staff and scientists, this unique program allows students to explore the important relationship between agriculture and the environment. Through field trips to Ag + Open Space-protected natural resource lands and working dairies and ranches, students build memories and connections to the cycles of the land, the sources of their food, and to the lives of local farmers, ranchers, and landowners.

Watch the video about this incredible program or visit the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District and Sonoma Resource Conservation District to learn more.

Wildlife Defenders

Led by educators and scientists from the Sonoma Ecology Center, this comprehensive environmental education program connects 2nd graders to the flora and fauna of the Sonoma Valley, and to the importance of protecting open space.

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