Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District


This 3,053-acre property in the Mayacamas Mountains was one of the first conservation easements purchased by the District. Fourteen hundred acres was then transferred to the National Audubon Society, which operated it as the Mayacamas Mountains Sanctuary. In 2012, the Sanctuary was transferred to Audubon Canyon Ranch. You can bring your boots and binoculars and join the Madrone Audubon Society, the local chapter which manages the property, on one of their scheduled bird walks in this stunning preserve. The name itself conveys a quietness and reverence. Next to a swath of protected land totaling over 12,600 acres, the preserve is a rich treasure of plant and animal species. Stroll through fields of wildflowers as you search for some of the many bird species that make this preserve their home.

In 2004 a major wildfire swept through the property, destroying much of the vegetation; however, almost immediately the region began the process of rebirth—wildflowers sprang up, new madrone saplings sprouted at the bases of burned out stumps, and soon native bird species were again active.

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Quick Facts

3053 acres in the Mayacamas Mountains

Protected December 1992

Natural Areas

Available by Tour Only